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The Negroni Pack

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Universally loved, the Negroni might just be the perfect cocktail. Drunk anytime of day or night at anytime of the year, it’s easy to make, easier to drink and, with 100 years worth of history, it continues to transcend the fickle world of drinking trends.

While the basic recipe calls for equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, there’s no right or wrong – a quick Google search of ‘Negroni recipe’ will find that subtle tweaks are near on endless. That said, we’ve done our homework on both key ingredients and ratios, settling on local gin from the brilliant Four Pillars distillery, the irreplaceable Campari and the complex and bittersweet Dolin vermouth from France. As for ratios, we like ours with a bit more gin to offset any sweetness, say 1.5:1:1.

And while the classic Negroni can be shaken, stirred and served in all manner of glassware, we’ll simply take ours on the rocks in a tumbler, and with little more than a cheek of orange as garnish. In fact, we’re thirsty just thinking about it!

Happy drinking,
The Drinks List Team

Small Pack (3 Bottles) - The Negroni Pack
$140 inc GST
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  • 1. FOUR PILLARS Rare Dry Gin

    Hailing from Victoria’s Yarra Valley, & batch distilled using whole oranges, pepperberry leaf, cinnamon, cardamom & star anise, this is modern Australian gin at its finest. With a rapidly growing cabinet of silverware, Four Pillars is handcrafted in every sense, with each bottle individually produced, labelled & hand numbered at their distillery in Healesville.

  • 2. DOLIN ‘Bitter de Chambéry’ Vermouth

    Established in 1815, Dolin is one of the few remaining independent producers of vermouth in the world. The ‘Bitter de Chambéry’ includes botanical ingredients such as wild herbs, bark, roots & dried fruit, & is ideal for drinking on ice with a wedge of orange, or as a component in a range of classic cocktails.

  • 3. CAMPARI

    Gaspare Campari founded Italy’s most famous liqueur in 1860. Botanicals such as wild herbs & dried fruit (including chinotto & cascarilla) provide Campari with its distinctive bitter flavour. It remains the cornerstone & essential ingredient in many popular cocktails such as the Negroni & the Americano.

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3 Cracking bottles for $140 inc GST