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Decisions. Life is full of them. And some are harder to make than others. That’s why we’ve created a subscription service as part of Prince Wine Store – The Drinks List experience. And while it does require you to make three simple decisions up front – how many bottles, what colour and how often – subscribing couldn’t be easier. As with all of our selections, we’ll take you far and wide and introduce you to the producers we love – some of whom have established and well-earned reputations, while others we consider to be superstars in the making. Oh, and once you’re signed up, if there’s anything in particular that you don’t want in your regular shipments, just let us know via email. Or, if you’re subscribed to say a red pack and feel like a mixed pack next time, you can edit your subscription via your account page. Other than that, sit back, relax and leave the rest to us!

What Size?

3 Bottles
6 Bottles
12 Bottles

What Type?


May include rose
May include sparkling


May include sparkling


May include rose

How Often?

of wine delivered .

From: $80 inc GST every 3 months